I hope to be a user persona for a knowledge organisation tool once

So I can learn how to learn.

A colleague asked me what's my trick to collecting information I find online. Nothing he's tried so far – bookmarks, read-later services, Roam, the guilt-inducing "leave tab open so I finish" – worked. I managed to impress him for on two occasions, having had just the right bookmark to share over Slack.

That made me think about my learning methods, and how fleeting interest and distractions get in the way of exploring concepts fully. What I mean by "fully". And how none of the tools I tried, worked.

Quitting some and limiting other social networks helped with distractions.

Ring-fencing time to read every evening helped with discipline.

But I still don't know how to effectively organise my bookmarks list, or what web of connections should replace my google searches when asked about a concept I vaguely remember being interested in – consumed by – for a couple of hours a while back.